Mark Maggiotto – General Manager, The Phoenix

“We’ve been working with Hummingbird for about three and a half years and since the beginning of the relationship we’ve been very impressed with the quality of their work and their professionalism, they provide great service, their very easy to work with, which is really - really nice and if anything  ever happens and the furniture needs to be repaired or fixed, their great about sending service people out here.  We’ve gotten great feedback from the buyers of our condos, about the quality of the couches we use and the chairs we use and I can highly recommend working with them in the future.”

Lucy Streiler – Condominium Owner, Grand Colony, San Pedro, Ambergris Cay

"Hi I’m Lucy Streiler, the thing I was most excited about with Hummingbird is that I could design my own couch and add my personal touch.  I specially designed the big oversized arms on the couch as well as doing the board feet of that gave it my  personal touch and am kind of set it apart from the other couches on the island. We like the furniture we think the quality is excellent we have multiple furniture in our condo made by Robert Lopez and his wife Yvette.   We've even had some of our furniture in on our cabin cruiser at home in Saint Louis Missouri manufactured by Hummingbird Rattan very happy with the furniture of course and we've recommended his furniture to many other people."

Anita Arnold – Home owner, Belmopan

"I've been the proud home owner of a bamboo set made by Hummingbird Furnishings and I'm a  grandmother with five grandchildren,  i have four grandson who are very very energetic and a grand daughter who is aslo energetic and so you know that it is not always easy to keep furniture clean when you have grandchildren but with these the fabric is washable and I have been able to wash them and keep them clean i believe that it was an investmentwell made the fabric is great the texture and everything the way they made them is very professional."

Dotsie Samuels – Home Owner, Belmopan

"I think people should buy these kind of furniture not only to support our local business but they last so much more their durable and they suit the kind of climate in which we live."

Hummingbird Furnishings

Hummingbird Furnishings is a family owned business, which has been manufacturing beautiful furniture since 1987. Its founder, Robert Lopez, occupied his childhood holidays working at Belize’s first Wicker and Rattan furniture factory in the early 1970's. He became manager in 1983 and in 1987, making his request known to God, he embarked on his childhood dream, “To set up his very own factory. The timing was perfect. With the renaissance of wicker and its rapidly growing popularity, this goal has come to fruition. Commencing in a garage with one weaver, today Hummingbird Furnishings employs fifty full-time workers.

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